Body Toning Exercises for Women: Top 13

The number one reason that many women give for not engaging in weight lifting exercises is that they’re afraid of bulking up. Actually, that’s a myth because no one automatically bulks up just by lifting weights. You need to be dedicated and go hardcore if you want to develop muscles that are very noticeable. So, for the ladies, what I would recommend are these top 13 body toning exercises for women which are meant to:

·         Remove a flabby look and replace it with tight, desirable muscle tone hallu forte

·         Increase strength and endurance

·         Prevent the recurrence of fat build-up, especially in the abdominal area

A Need to Include Cardio

In any set of body toning exercises for women, there’s generally a need to include cardio because of the differences between the body builds of men and women. For one thing, women store fat in a much different way than men do, which is why women have 6 to 11% more body fat than men. That being the case, before they can get any benefit from body toning exercises, they first need to remove excess or stored fat, in different parts of the body.

661 Body Toning Exercises for Women: Top 13

body toning exercises

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Weight Exercises For Men: Top 12

weight workouts for men

To be able to enjoy the benefits from exercising with weights, you need to have a solid core for strength and balance. However, to have a solid core, you need to have done your workouts first. What gives? Isn’t that like some kind of crazy Catch 22? Well, don’t worry, because in this article, we’ll […]

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Top 10 Websites to Visit If You Want to Be a Fit Person

be a fit person

The thing with gym memberships is that they often go to waste. Maybe it’s because you have to watch the kids all the time. Or perhaps it’s because you don’t want to deal with traffic. Or you always have to work late in the office. But just because you can’t go to the gym doesn’t […]

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Naturally Boost Your Immune System: Top 10 Foods

naturally boost your immune system

Fighting diseases is the job of your immune system. But instead of trying to improve your body’s ability to fight off disease by taking pills filled with synthetic chemicals, you should consume foods that naturally boost your immune system. There may be some debate about the effectiveness of flu shots, but nobody can deny the […]

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Gym Workouts for Weight Loss: Top 10

Gym Workouts for Weight Loss

While there are many possible reasons why you want to go to the gym and work out—you want to build more muscle, you want to be stronger, or you want to be better at a particular sport, etc.—perhaps the most popular reason of all is that you want to lose weight. And just dieting alone […]

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Arm Workouts for Women at the Gym: Top 10

Arm Workouts for Women

One of the best things about women is that they generally have less fat in their shoulders and upper back. That means you get nearly immediate improvements if you do the right arm workouts for women at the gym, according to expert celebrity trainers like Ramona Braganza. Add the benefits of having leaner and seemingly […]

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Your All Around Health

essential vitamins and minerals

If I were a gambler (which I’m not btw!), I’d be willing to risk quite a bit of money and bet you that you don’t get enough essential vitamins and minerals for your all around health just from your diet alone. It’s a safe bet for me, since in one study that involved about 3 […]

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Eliminate Fat Naturally : Top 12 Ways

eliminate fat naturally

If people had to choose between surgery and ways to eliminate fat naturally, it’s a cinch that many will go for the latter option. So, let me help you by giving you 12 ways to get rid of your fat the natural way. In this article, you will: ·       Understand why the ways to eliminate […]

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10 Most Influential People in the Fitness Industry

fitness industry

Before anything else, let’s talk about what being “influential” means. From one point of view, originators and pioneers can be considered influential. So, if you research on who originated the items I listed in The Top 20 Fitness Programs for 2014, you’ll have your list of the most influential people in the fitness industry. But […]

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Weight Loss Goals: Top 12 ways to keep them

guide to weight loss

Have you been frustrated trying to find ways to keep your weight loss goals? With all the information about weight loss that you can get bombarded with on a daily basis, maybe it’s simply a matter of lack of organization. To help you, I’ve created a list of the top 12 ways to keep your […]

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